College Performance Coaching!




  • Mental Health + Physical Health = Peak Performance

    College Students: Do you ever...

    • Ask, "What the hell am I going to do for a career?"
    • Try to figure out your skill set?
    • Struggle with self-motivation & self-doubt?
    • Feel frustrated, bored, & uninspired by remote learning & social restrictions?
    • Worry about how to develop career skills from home?
    • Get confused about a making "the right" college choice/major/career path?
    • Avoid responding proactively to feedback or failure?
    • Get trapped in a "fixed mindset" believing that your abilities are unchangeable?

    Parents: Are you...

    • Concerned about an anxious, depressed, unmotivated, stressed kid?
    • Worried that your student/graduate is lacking in career development skills?
    • Caught in a career crossroad?
    • Concerned about you kid taking classes from home?
    • Hearing: "Why bother?" "What's the point?" "Why go and pay for partial experience?" "This sucks.."
  • Develop a Performance Mindset

    Dr. Joel leads students to prioritize and maintain mental and physical health practices throughout their college semester. From start to finish Dr. Joel partners with students to help: increase emotional regulation, discover potential, tackle barriers to success, and develop personal confidence. 


    Big Picture:  

    • Prioritize & maintain mental & physical health practices

    • Develop a growth mindset to discover personal strengths.

    • Maximize potential through a team approach.

    • Increase problem solving confidence (aka. Self-Efficacy)

    • Respond effectively to setbacks & failure

    • Increase emotional intelligence skills 

    1. Weekly Coaching Group

    Focus: Personal Development, Performance, Mental Health

    60 minutes of weekly group coaching

    Develop a Growth Mindset

    Troubleshoot academic challenges

    Anxiety & Stress Management Strategies

    Accountability, time management, & organization

    Increase Emotional Intelligence

    Career Development

    2. Weekly Yoga Session

    Focus: Strength, Confidence, Mindfulness

    60 minute Live Yoga Session

    All levels welcome

    Access from any location (home or campus)

    Breath work, mindfulness training

    Stress management & performance


    3. Connection

    Focus: Build, Brand, & Connect

    Surround yourself with like minded colleagues

    Stretch out of complacency

    Build your brand

    Push through adversity

    Use failure as fuel

    Expand your network

    Increase personal confidence

  • Trusted by Parents of Students at Leading Colleges

    Lehigh University

    University of Notre Dame

    Boston University

    U.S. Naval Academy

    Northwestern University

    Brown University
    Harvard University

    University of Miami

    New York University

    Syracuse University

    Southern Methodist University

    Johnson & Wales University

    Loyola University Maryland

    Miami University of Ohio

    Rutgers University

    University of Rochester

    Stevens Institute of Technology

    Ithaca College

    University of Michigan

    Northeastern University

    Tulane University

    Penn State University

    Rowan University

    University of North Carolina

    University of Delaware

    University of Arizona

    Fordham University

    University of Scranton

    University of Wisconsin

    Juniata College

    Georgetown University

    College of William & Mary

    University of Colorado

    Wesleyan University

    Duke University

    Clemson University

    Fairleigh Dickinson University

    University of Alabama

    Ramapo College of New Jersey

    Dartmouth College

    Sarah Lawrence College

    University of Charleston

    Indiana University

    Berklee College of Music

    Boston College

    Manhattan College

    Franklin & Marshall University

    Villanova University

    Gettysburg College

    University of Texas

    Cornell University

    Lafayette College

    Bucknell University

    Highpoint University

    University of Maryland

    Wake Forest University

    University of North Carolina

    University of Pittsburgh

    University of Texas at Austin
    University of New Hampshire
    Carnegie Mellon University
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