• College Mindset 101

    A workshop for the "New" college experience.

  • About The Workshop

    Physical & Psychological Health Focused

    The college landscape has quickly changed. More than ever students abilities to stay healthy, cope with change, manage stress, and max productivity will be tested. This is the workshop that gets students physically and mentally ready for the "new" college experience.


    Who is it for?

    Every college student needs this workshop. Reason: A college acceptance letter does not guarantee college readiness. No standardized test score or high school class prepares students for the range of personal, social, psychological and academic adjustments to a college semester.


    So whether a first time college student or returning and need a success driven mindset, this is the workshop you do not want to miss.


    In fact:

    • 30% of first year college students do not return for their second year
    • Over 50% who start college never graduate
    • Over 40% of college students are challenged by anxiety
    • Over 80% report feeling overwhelmed

    This is preventable. Adjusting to college is challenging - it's the first time a student is truly on their own, and responsible for their day-to-day activities, while trying to succeed in this high pressure, new college world.


    A successful college experience requires a growth mindset filled with psychological tools and skills - both of which are easy to attain, with the right guidance, and can make or break a college investment. Dr. Joel brings over 15 years of experience working with college students, including 12 years serving as Staff Psychologist, Coordinator of Alcohol & Other Drug Services, Sport Psychology Consultant, and Associate Director of Counseling Services on 3 campuses. Dr. Joel has counseled, advised, and mentored thousands of college students.


    Dr. Joel's unique, effective workshop helps students gain an edge by arriving on campus ready and confident to:

    • Adjust to academic & social challenges
    • Cope with anxiety & stress
    • Max immune system health
    • Design a semester success plan
    • Choose the right major & career path
    • Develop time management & organization strategies
    • Build resilience to adversity & failure
    • Combat depression
    • Maintain peak performance
    • Increase key emotional intelligence & career skills 
    • Recognize & utilize key campus resources

    Dr. Joel hosts a two session (90 minutes each) live workshop conveniently through Zoom, so students can learn to increase college readiness from any location. To better help students max their immune system health this semester, Dr. Joel's co-host for the second session is Functional Medicine expert Dr. Doug Pucci, president & founder of Pucci Wellness.


    Yes, it's a live workshop, so we'll answer all of your questions!

    Yes, parents, you are more than welcome to join!

  • Workshop Details

    Two (90 minute Zoom sessions)

    Session 1: Monday August 3rd 7:00 - 8:30 pm

    Session 2: Tuesday August 4th 7:00 - 8:30 pm

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    Session 1: 90 Minutes

    Growth Mindset: Confident Adjustment, Troubleshoot Challenges, Peak Performance

    Develop a growth mindset now for success.

    Adjust or rebound to college with confidence.

    Coping skills for anxiety & depression.

    Troubleshooting challenges & accessing help.

    Choosing the right college major & career path.

    Emotional Intelligence skills & why students need them.

    Open Q & A with Dr. Joel.

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    Session 2: 90 Minutes

    Co-host: Dr. Doug Pucci

    Semester Success Design: Immune Health, Stress Management, Maxing Potential 

    Keys to functional health in college.

    Immune system health checkpoints.

    The Mental + Physical Health success formula.

    Managing stress reactions

    Alcohol, drugs, & the party scene.

    Open Q & A with Dr. Joel & Dr. Pucci.

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