• What makes Dr. Joel's workshops so different?

    We focus on building skills for adjustment, not scores for admission

    College admission does NOT guarantee college readiness.

    30% of college students fail or drop out after their first year.

    Why? They are missing the psychological readiness and skills to adjust to college.

    This is critical before they get to school to ensure they have the emotional intelligence and coping skills to tackle adversity, anxiety, and emotional regulation.


    These are the most important skills for successful college adjustment,

    peak performance, and career development.

  • Discover how Dr. Joel's workshops help.

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  • Take On College Workshop

    The vital workshop that helps students mentally and physically prepare for college.

  • College Bounceback! Workshop

    After a bad college semester, reset your approach, mindset, and plan for success

  • Take On High School

    Create a confident, ready to thrive middle school kid!

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