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    Why This Course?

    Simple. Students are seeking engagement, connection, and stability with inspired leaders.


    Students are feeling uninspired by online learning, "bored" by content, and frustrated by lack of contact with instructors. Many graduates are considering a GAP year and deferring the start or return to college.


    Students are angry, sad, and anxious. They are confused and uncertain, desperate for energized allies to help them learn to maximize personal development during times of uncertainty.


    More than ever students need access to advisors and mentors ready to build connection and deliver fresh, new learning experiences filled with mind-blowing content. They need experienced, passionate professionals committed to motivating and guiding them through life challenges and moments of self-doubt.

    The Course.

    Led by Dr. Joel and a team of enthusiastic leaders in various specialities this college designed course prioritizes student engagement, a growth mindset, motivation, and personal development. Our speakers have built companies from scratch, create and bring ideas to life, hire, coach, and develop employees. They have scratched, clawed, and worked for success while developing confidence and strength through experiences of adversity.


    Students will discover and learn to apply emotional intelligence skills (those critical skills for which they have never received a grade!) and identify personal strengths they have minimized or ignored.


    Best of all. Students will arrive to their campus, internship, or job with an edge; physically and psychologically ready to discover,, develop, and maximize potential. They will be armed with tribe of mentors with over 20,000 professional contacts.


    Course Highlights:

    • Rotation of expert instructors & topics
    • Access from any location, hosted through Zoom
    • Scheduled weekly live workshops
    • Format simulates a college course
    • Top choice reading & listening recommendations from speakers
    • Ongoing Friday drop in coaching & mentoring hours with Dr. Joel
    • Applied career skill development emphasis 
    Course Content:

    Series 1: Body, Brain & Mind

    Description: Personal success depends largely on prioritizing body, brain, and mental health. Instructors in this series will teach students about maintaining a healthy immune system, personal fitness, stress management, coping confidence, and mental health awareness.


    Series 2: Grit, Grind & Thrive

    Description: Successful people don't just land there without confronting challenges and failures. In this series students will learn to recover from failure, push through adversity, and how to make tough decisions that increase personal confidence.


    Series 3: Perspective, Pivot & Define

    Description: Successful people in any line of work take a learner's stance. During this series students get exposure to perspectives of success; how to approach college classes, internships, and jobs with an open mind; and how to design career paths that align with personal strengths.


    Series 4: Build, Brand, & Connect

    Description: Successful people surround themselves with a talented team. Learn the value of getting comfortable stretching out of complacency. Increase your flow of professional connections and begin to design your personal brand with career coaches.

  • Content & Schedule

    Meet your team of mentors

    01 Develop a Growth Mindset.

    Instructor: Dr. Joel, Psychologist/Impact Performance Coach

    Dr. Joel teaches how to develop a success mindset and apply it to college, career, and life fulfillment. Learn key emotional intelligence skills before getting to campus, plus all the good habits and awareness points that help crush a college semester.

    02 Power Your Immune System.

    Instructor: Dr. Doug Pucci/Functional Medicine & Neurology

    Dr. Doug is an expert in neuro-immunology & nutrition and loves to teach about the role of brain & gut health to peak performance. Got questions about taking health supplements while living on campus to boost immunity?? This is the seminar!

    03 Max Your Fitness & Wellness Plan

    Instructor: Vince Chen, Westfield Fitness CEO

    Coach Vince specializes in athletic development & personal training, designing strength & conditioning programs for students, athletes, and professionals. Get to know the real answers to designing a fitness program right for you!

    04 Make Confident Decisions.

    Instructor: Rich Tabarrini, President/Founder Covex, LLC

    Rich knows more about GRIT and making tough decisions than most people I've known, plus we were 4 year college roommates. Learn what it's like to trust your instincts, why to take notes during bad experiences, and how to take calculated risks.

    05 Use Creative, Flexible Thinking

    Instructor: Todd Schefflin, TikTok Executive/Musician

    TikTok Executive and musician Todd Schefflin has dropped multiple Billboard #1 singles and toured across the globe while negotiating mergers and acquisitions on behalf of the biggest social platform in the world. Todd walks you through maintaining balance between creativity and business, and how to make these competing concepts work together in harmony.

    06 "Get Excited" & See the World

    Instructor: Erik Hastings, Emmy Award Winning TV Personality 

    Emmy Award winning TV personality Erik Hastings is the Travel expert. "Get excited people!"

    07 Handle Big Interviews

    Instructor: Maribeth Robinson, HR Managing Director JP Morgan Chase

    Dr. Joel highlights the physical and psychological challenges for high school athletes making the adjustment to college athletics. Learn insights from a Division I baseball player on the academic and social adjustments necessary for student-athlete success!

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