• The Freshman 16 Workshop

    First semester of college = 16 weeks. It's intimidating - but you're not alone.

    This workshop prepares you mentally & physically to crush it.

  • About The Workshop

    Every student entering into college needs this workshop. A college acceptance letter does not guarantee college readiness. In fact:

    • 30% of first year college students do not return for their second year
    • Over 50% who start college never graduate
    • Over 40% of college students are challenged by anxiety
    • Over 80% report feeling overwhelmed

    The incredible thing is this is preventable. Adjusting to college is challenging - it's the first time a student is truly on their own, and responsible for their day-to-day activities, while trying to succeed in this high pressure, new college world.


    Preparing for college requires psychological tools and skills - both of which are easy to attain, with the right guidance, and can make or break the college experience.


    Dr. Joel's unique, effective workshops help students gain an edge before arriving on campus.


    Topics will include:

    • Coping with stress and anxiety 
    • Recognizing personal strengths
    • Clarifying goals
    • Developing time management skills
    • Increasing confidence
    • Combating depression
    • Maintaining peak performance
    • Developing key emotional intelligence skills for success in school & career

    Your student will arrive on campus way ahead of the curve, ready and confident.


    The workshop is available for an afternoon or evening session on the same day. Simply pick the time most convenient for your child.

  • The Freshman 16

    Workshop Details

    New dates to come!

    After this workshop, you'll be ready to crush your first semester of college with complete confidence.

    You will learn:

    -To manage anxiety & stress effectively

    -Build resilience to adversity

    -Maximize success strategies

    -Increase social, academic and personal confidence

    -How to choose the right major/career

    -How to navigate the party & social scene

    -Maximize campus resources

    -How to live a healthy lifestyle


    Session includes open Q & A with Dr. Joel

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    The Freshman 16 Workshop! - Oradell NJ
    199.00 - 249.00
    Dr. Joel leads a 2 hour workshop for high school seniors to take the anxiety out of their big move to college and help them make a confident leap to campus!

    "Bring A Friend" Discount! Sign up with a friend and you will both receive $50 off the workshop. Email drjoelingersoll@gmail.com with both of your names when registering.
    Coming soon
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    Southern Methodist University

    Johnson & Wales University

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    Miami University of Ohio

    Rutgers University

    University of Rochester

    Stevens Institute of Technology

    Ithaca College

    University of Michigan

    Northeastern University

    Tulane University

    Penn State University

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    University of North Carolina

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    Clemson University

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    University of Alabama

    Ramapo College of New Jersey

    Dartmouth College

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    University of Charleston

    Indiana University

    Berklee College of Music

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    Franklin & Marshall University

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