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Feeling Isolated?

Keep these resources handy.


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Expressions Amid Challenge.

"I'm so bored." "I have no motivation." "When is this going to end?"

Three of the most common challenges I've heard expressed by students, parents, professionals, and friends over the past 3 weeks.

Symptoms of anxiety and depression are experienced uniquely through a range feelings, thoughts, and actions (behavior). These symptoms are expressed in a range of ways too. Often during stressful times, when depression and anxiety symptoms increase, self-care/wellness routines/healthy lifestyle activities decrease.

Along with the typical symptoms of anxiety and depression, be mindful of:

MORE: sleep, complaining, video gaming, binge TV watching, alcohol/weed/gummy consumption, irritability, displaced anger.

LESS: exercise, healthy eating, participation in hobbies (playing music, painting, etc.), meditation/prayer.

Truth. We are being tested on skills for which we have never received a grade. Skills like resilience, time management, and emotional regulation. We are being tested to define a new normal. Whether that involves an approach to parenting, adjusting to online student learning, or reinventing a career path our time in physical isolation has significant psychological impact.

Now, more than ever it is critical to push through a familiar stigma associated with seeking mental health services and ASK FOR HELP!

It's what smart, successful people do.

With social restrictions in place it's an added challenge to access mental health resources. Fortunately, many mental health professionals are offering tele-health services through HIPPA compliant platforms like Zoom and for a limited time through Facetime, and Skype.

In addition to checking your health insurance website for providers, if you need to access mental health resources, keep these handy.

1. For immediate mental health emergencies:

Call 911

2. To browse verified, credentialed mental health professionals in your state, county, town:

3. Help with alcohol & other drug addiction:

Stay safe & healthy.

Dr. Joel