• College BounceBack!

    The BounceBack! Workshop helps college students regroup from a challenging semester and create a success plan that incorporates psychological resilience.

  • Why do college kids struggle?

    • 30% of first year college students do not return for their second year
    • Over 50% who start college never graduate don't graduate
    • Over 80% report feeling "overwhelmed"
    • Over 40% of college students are challenged by anxiety

    Students struggle because they are are never taught key skills for a successful college adjustment. Often their lifestyle design is not aligned with developing confidence or the ability to respond to stress and adversity.


    So then what? They fail to reach their potential and develop long term career skills.


    This 2 day BounceBack! workshop helps a student recover from a bad semester by re-evaluating their college experience. It will teach them how to respond to failure, maximize their potential, maintain a successful mindset, and design a semester plan.

  • The BounceBack! Workshop


    New workshop dates to be posted soon!


    Locations: (Oradell, NJ) (Summit, NJ)

    Cost: $499

    Contact Dr. Joel to work with him before the next workshop

    Session 1

    Workshop Led By: Dr. Joel

    • Learn to:
    • 01: Develop A Success Mindset 
    • 02: Break The Bad Habits
    • 03: Maintain Self-Motivation
    • 04: Prioritize Psychological Health
    • 05: Maximize Critical Career Skills
    • 06: Open Q & A with Dr. Joel

    Session 2

    Workshop Led By: Dr. Joel

    • Learn to:
    • 01: Cope Confidently During Adversity
    • 02: Commit To Healthy Social Choices
    • 03: Manage Stress During Exams
    • 04: Max Your Campus Resources
    • 05: Design A Semester Success Plan
    • 06: Open Q & A with Dr. Joel
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