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    By Michael Nedelman, CNN

    Updated 6:04 AM ET, Fri January 11, 2019

    When Sonya Kennedy learned that her 12-year-old son, Ryder, had tried vaping, she was "mortified."

    "He honestly didn't think that there was anything wrong," Kennedy said. "He told me that almost all the grade-sevens were doing it."

    And she soon realized that the trend had reached many more kids in her orbit. She learned that kids were vaping at school, taking puffs inside their shirts and in some cases charging their e-cigarettes in their teacher's own computer, she said.

    Meanwhile, many parents seemed oblivious...

    The Washington Post

    Joel Ingersoll, psychologist and founder of Take On College, agreed. "Become familiar with these negative personal thinking ‘traps’ and develop a routine through inspirational reading or meditation to immerse yourself in positive thinking and self-reflection every day." Ingersoll encourages people to challenge themselves "to seek opportunities for personal growth in adverse situations."


    If the hiring manager doesn’t ask about your career goals, there may not be a future for you at the company, says Joel Ingersoll, president and founder of Take On College LLC.

    Mentalfloss.com November 14, 2016

    Psychologist and Certified Master Coach Joel Ingersoll recommends organizing your day the night before. This way, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to go in the morning.

    Bustle.com August 17, 2016

    "Acknowledging our accomplishments or giving ourselves a pat on the back for an achievement is a great way to increase self confidence," Ingersoll says.

    Bustle.com April 13, 2016

    "Commitment to daily self-esteem practice is critical for defining a positive sense of self," says clinical psychologist Dr. Joel Ingersoll, PH.D, CMC over email.

    Bustle.com March 2, 2016

    "Morning healthy habits set a positive physical and emotional tone for the day," says Joel B. Ingersoll, Ph.D., CMC.

    Goodcall.com January 29, 2016

    Paying students for good grades is not productive, maintained Joel Ingersoll, Ph.D., CMC, president of Take On College, LLC, in Oradell, N.J.

    The Guardian January 22, 2016

    “Most people struggle with stress because they feel like something is out of their control,” [Dr. Joel Ingersoll] said. “Any of the activities we’ve been talking about give us a feeling of control and mastery, which is critical to reducing stress.”

    Sheknows.com November 29, 2013

    Dr. Ingersoll says, "The best approach to mend a perceived broken bond is to be honest with your child. It will likely be a relief to kids knowing that their parents are not perfect...."

    Sheknows.com September 9, 2013

    Joel B. Ingersoll, Ph.D. ... says, "Some of the challenges helicopter parenting presents is that the child struggles to effectively manage conflict, develop an assertive voice and doesn't adequately develop a positive, confident sense of self."

    Women's Health November 7, 2005

    "How much drinking is okay depends entirely on the individual," says Joel Ingersoll, Ph.D., .... "If someone has a family history of alcoholism or any kind of health problem, or a personal history that involves problems related to alcohol, even one drink a day is too much."

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